Ronstan Industrial

RONSTAN Industrial Hardware

Ronstan Industrial offers a range of Industrial Hardware

  • 1. Block, Tackle, Pulley & Hoist Systems
  • 2. Stainless Steel Hardware (Snap shackles, eye bolts, pad systems, carbine hooks, swivels etc)
  • 3. Rail, Car, Track, Traveller, Trolley Systems
  • 4. Rope Cleats & Other Rope Accessories
  • 5. Rope, Bungee/Shockcord, Straps & Slings
  • 6. Aluminium Alloy, Nylatron®, Acetal sheaves and Bearings
  • 7. Balustrade Railing Systems For decking, landings, mezzanines
  • 8. Stainless Steel Structural Rod Systems
  • 9. Structural Wire Rope Fittings (Turnbuckles, swage eyes, terminals, studs etc)

Ronstan was founded in 1953 initially to serve the marine industry in Australia. The company has expanded globally and now has 3 manufacturing plants in Australia, Denmark and Indonesia.

Ronstan's roots are in the demanding marine industry where it has developed products to successfully operate in the harsh saltwater environment.

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