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Ronstan Outrigger Hardware

Ronstanís outrigger pulleys have become the preferred hardware for avid recreational and tournament anglers alike, who require pulleys small enough to accommodate monofilament and braided lines yet strong enough to handle the loads of pulling heavy dredges through the water at trolling speeds.

Upgrading your outrigger hardware with Ronstan is the easiest and most effective way to improve the performance of your dredge & outrigger setup.

  • Reduced wear on halyards and monofilament lines caused by outrigger eyes
  • Smoother and easier to deploy and retrieve your dredge
  • Reduced stress on rods and outriggers

The easy rolling action Ronstan outrigger pulleys provide is the result of a sophisticated two-stage bearing system, allowing them to remain highly efficient across the entire working load range. A recessed sheave prevents the running line from jumping the pulley wheel and becoming jammed in the side plates.

"Thereís Ronstan on pretty much every boat thatís fishing."

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